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25 Holiday Gift Cards to Give Clients, Customers and Employees

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Holiday gift card can provide the perfect way for you to recognize your team members, clients, and anyone else who supports your business. You can get them from nearly any retailer or business. And sometimes you can even find holiday gift card deals that allow you to get more value for your purchase.

There are also creative ways to give gift cards so you can make the experience a bit more special. For example, you can purchase a unique gift box, including the gift card in a stocking, or hide it inside another gift like a briefcase or vase.

Sometimes it’s hard to pick the right gift for your clients, customers, and employees. Instead, check out our list of holiday gift cards for inspiration.

Holiday Gift Cards


With a Visa gift card, your business associates can spend it pretty much anywhere. But you can still customize the design with an image or personal photo to make it special.

American Express

Another general gift card that is widely accepted, American Express also offers business rates for those who need to purchase lots of gifts.


Your team members can get pretty much anything they want for Christmas from Amazon. And the site also sells unique gift boxes.


Give your coworkers, colleagues or clients the gift of caffeine this holiday season with a Starbucks gift card they can use each morning on their way to work.

Office Depot

For those who want to stick with professional holiday gift cards, opt for a store that sells office supplies like Office Depot/Office Max.


If you have any coworkers or business associates who need new office furniture or recently moved into a new home, consider a card from Wayfair.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot is another perfect option if you need a holiday gift card for any coworkers or clients who have home or office projects to work on.


Walmart offers gift cards for its own store, as well as those from other retailers and restaurants. You can also purchase e-gift cards for business associates who you won’t see in person over the holidays.


You can buy pretty much anything from Target. So it may be the perfect holiday gift card if there are people on your list who you’re not sure what to buy for.


If you have team members or clients who might need some new tech items, consider an Apple gift card.


If you want to give the gift of entertainment through music, movies or even applications, an iTunes gift card may be the perfect option. Just make sure the recipient has Apple devices or an iTunes account so they can use it.

Google Play

If you’re buying holiday gift cards for those with Android or Google devices, consider a Google Play gift card instead.


You could also opt for a Microsoft gift card to give your colleagues the opportunity to purchase Windows products, Microsoft gear or even Xbox accessories.


If your coworkers love binge watching their favorite shows, give them the gift of Netflix via a gift card that can cover their account for several months.


You can still find pretty much anything on eBay. This gift card may be perfect for those who collect vintage items or love scouring the web for deals.


Etsy also sells their own gift cards. So this could be the perfect option for your associates who love unique handmade or vintage decor.


For your colleagues who love to attend live events, especially if it may be beneficial for them to bring clients or prospects, a Ticketmaster gift card could help them score more tickets.


An Uber gift card can help your team members get around town more efficiently. This can be especially useful for any colleagues who travel regularly.

Panera Bread

If you want to get very practical gift cards for your team or business clients, consider Panera Bread so they can use their gift on their lunch break.

Whole Foods

For all of your health conscious team members or customers, purchase Whole Foods gift cards that they can use to buy groceries at your local store or even online.


For team members who are especially creative, or those who work on artistic projects in the office, let them pick out their own art and craft supplies from Michael’s.


If you’re looking for gift card deals for team members who love to travel, Hotels.com offers cards that can be used to book nearly anything.


Gas is a perfectly practical gift for business associates, especially those who need to drive a lot for work. So a BP gift card could be the perfect option.

Barnes & Noble

If your coworkers or clients love to read or need to purchase books for work, opt for a gift card from Barnes & Noble.

Dinner and a Movie

If you simply want to give your team members a fun night out, this dinner and a movie gift card gives them options of a few different theaters and restaurants.

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