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Last Minute Business Gift Ideas for the Holiday

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If you’re running out of time to purchase holiday gifts for your clients, team members, and business partners, there are still gift options out there that you can get in time. Whether you’re looking to buy online from shops that offer shipping within a few days or stop by a local store, there are tons of good last minute gifts that should work for everyone on your list.

Looking for last minute Christmas gifts ideas? Here’s a list of easy, affordable ideas you can find if you are in a pinch and down to the last minute.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Gift Basket

A gift basket full of food or drinks can be some of the best last minute gifts for clients or anyone outside of your business. Many services offer same-day or next-day delivery. And you can find nearly endless combinations of products.


Books are widely available both in local stores and online. If you have a specific title in mind, there’s a good chance you can find it on Amazon with two-day shipping available.


Candles also make great last minute gifts because they’ve very crowd pleasing and available nearly anywhere you already shop.

Desk Organizer

A desk organizer can work as a last minute gift for a coworker or team member. Find one with fast shipping or stop by your local office supply store to find something that fits their style.

Charging Station

With the influx of mobile devices, mobile charging stations like this one are becoming increasingly popular and necessary. And you can find them with two-day shipping for last-minute holiday parties.

Bedside Lamp

For those looking for good last minute gifts that are very practical, a simple bedside lamp that’s warm and dimmable could work for nearly anyone on your list.


A travel mug like this one can be a great last minute gift for nearly anyone in your small business. And it’s available with one-day shipping.


Another practical last minute gift idea, this wallet can also be shipped out the very next day.


Headphones may be an especially relevant last minute gift for remote workers or those who need to do some solitary work on audio or video projects.

Printable Artwork

If you want to purchase artwork for a client or colleague but don’t want to wait for tangible copies to ship, you can find an artist online that offers printable versions so you can receive an instant download.

Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon allows people to purchase Prime memberships as gifts. You can select when the notification will go out to the recipient and how long you’d like to pay for their membership. This gift gives them free Prime shipping, as well as access to the company’s streaming platform and music service. Other streaming services also offer gift cards for those who want to purchase for friends or associates.

Magazine Subscription

There are plenty of magazines that offer gift subscriptions. You can purchase print and/or online subscriptions and then just purchase a single magazine at your local newsstand to wrap, if you want them to open a tangible gift.

Event Tickets

Many communities have plenty of holiday themed or New Year’s events that your team members or clients may be interested in. Find something in the coming months and print tickets for them to attend.


You can find chocolates at your grocery store, gift shops, or even online delivery services. And they’re pretty crowd pleasing options for last minute Christmas gifts.


Wine is also a very widely available option that could work for nearly anyone on your gift list. Purchase a gift set or place a bottle into a holiday themed gift bag.


For clients or those outside of your business, you can order a luxurious cake and have it sent directly to their office.

Popcorn Tin

Popcorn is another crowd pleasing food option that you can give as a last minute Christmas gift so the recipient can enjoy it throughout the rest of the season.

Cookie Delivery

Cookie delivery services have become more common in recent years, providing some of the best last minute gifts for the sweet tooths on your list.

Hand Written Note

For anyone on a tight budget and no time to scour the discount racks, a handwritten note thanking them for their contributions throughout the year may still be appreciated, especially if you pair it with a gift card or small token.

Subscription Service

A subscription box can provide your clients or team members with recurring gifts throughout the year. Either purchase an initial box or simply send the notification that they’ll be receiving future orders as a gift.


Many florists and delivery services can send flowers to recipients within a few hours of you placing an order. And you can even add a personalized note to the bouquet.

Potted Plant

For last minute Christmas gift ideas that are a bit more practical than flowers, consider a potted plant that they can put on their desk or display at home.

Coupon Book

If you’re interested in last minute DIY christmas gifts, you might print or put together a simple coupon book and add tons of things that might help them in their daily life.


Instead of giving a tangible gift, consider making a charitable donation in the recipient’s name. You can also opt for a gift card from GlobalGiving so they can choose the specific organization to support.

Gift Cards

Additionally, a simple gift card from a place where your clients or coworkers frequent can be great last minute Christmas gifts that are also very practical.

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